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The Arena is a game mode from Metal Gear Acid 2 were the player loads his card deck to face a series of opponents.


Except for "Venus", who starts with Equipment Lv. 3, all opponents start with Equipment Lv. 2.

Liquid Snake500 (Easy)
1200 (Normal)
2000 (Hard)
3000 (Extreme)
Focuses on long range attacks that cause Knockdown.
Vamp500 (Easy)
1300 (Normal)
? (Hard)
3000 (Extreme)
Focuses on close range attacks that cause Bleeding. He may also suck blood to recover health.
Fortune300 (Easy)
600 (Normal)
1000 (Hard)
? (Extreme)
Is equipped with a Railgun. Has low health, but her E.M. Device allows her to dodge attacks.
Revolver Ocelot300 (Easy)
1200 (Normal)
? (Hard)
? (Extreme)
Is armed with a S.A.A. that can destroy equipments.
The End300 (Easy)
1000 (Normal)
1500 (Hard)
? (Extreme)
Focuses on long range attacks and uses camouflage to avoid attacks. Is a bit slow, but causes heavy damage with SVD and can cause Sleep with Mosin-Nagant.
The Boss300 (Easy)
1500 (Normal)
2500 (Hard)
? (Extreme)
Focuses on close range attacks. On Normal can cause Quick Death, instantly killing an opponent.
Teliko500 (Easy)
? (Normal)
? (Hard)
3500 (Extreme)
Uses a variety of tactics.
"Venus"500 (Easy)
? (Normal)
? (Hard)
3500 (Extreme)
A palette swap of Venus with a white suit and dark skin. She starts with nine equipment slots and has powerful cards in her deck.


Each battle takes place in an arena based on the first three Metal Gear Solid games: Inside a building from Shadow Moses Island, inside the Big Shell (Strut C), and a camp in Tselinoyarsk. The terrain from each is always the same, so knowing the map is important when forming a strategy, as fire extinguishers and oil drums can cause extra damage and status ailments, and the watch tower from Tselinoyarsk can be used to avoid most attacks from Vamp and The Boss.


1Liquid Snake and VampMGS1
2Liquid Snake and FortuneMGS2
3Fortune and Revolver OcelotMGS3
4Revolver Ocelot and The EndMGS1
5The End and VampMGS2
6Vamp and The BossMGS3
7The Boss and FortuneMGS1
8Liquid Snake and The EndMGS2
9Revolver Ocelot and VampMGS3
10Liquid Snake and The BossMGS1
11Fortune and The EndMGS2
12Revolver Ocelot and The BossMGS3
13Liquid Snake and Revolver OcelotMGS1
14Vamp and FortuneMGS2
15The End and The BossMGS3
16Teliko and "Venus"MGS1

After defeating Teliko and "Venus", the battle sequence restart, continuing in the same order. After each victory, the player can save the game to keep the rewards in the save used and continue the arena from the last battle.


Like the normal mode, each victory awards the player according to their rank, with no reward for the lowest ranks and three cards for S rank. Additionally, consecutive victories unlock the following cards:

  • EZ Gun - Win six times in a row on Easy.
  • Stealth - Win six times in a row on Normal.