An American technician as well as his female assistant were dispatched to Africa under the pretense of curing an affliction.


Early life

The technician had been an engineer with an American medical equipment manufacturer, and proceeded to be sent to Namibia to provide aid to the denizens shortly after getting his medical degree. He eventually considered getting a career change after an extensive time of being specialized in a range of fields, being dedicated, and overall a straight arrow.[1]

Phantom Pain Incident

See also: Hospital Escape and Phantom Pain Incident

By 1984, he was dispatched to the Ngumba Industrial Zone by Skull Face and XOF,[1] under the pretense of giving aid to people suffering from a disease, but in actually they were to observe the test subjects of the vocal cord parasites. However, the assistant's NGO later requested that they be rescued shortly after the facility was burned to the ground after they were held hostage by Rogue Coyote.[2][3] Venom Snake of Diamond Dogs proceeded to rescue them after learning they had been involved in the Ngumba Industrial Zone so they could learn first hand what was going on there, with the technician in particular being considered for recruitment by Miller largely because of his lengthy résumé.[1] He had left his assistant behind, fearing that she had been infected with the pathogen that they were unwittingly researching when he noticed a slight tear on her hazmat suit.[4] After being brought back to Mother Base, the duo, upon being placed in quarantine, revealed all they knew about what was going on there, including that the tapes Skull Face was recording inside the throats of some of the specimens was in another language, and that no English copy existed.[5] This also consequentially confirmed to Diamond Dogs that English was never among the recordings they had found, as while they had noticed that they couldn't find English among the languages they had deciphered via communication logs from a earlier failed operation, they had initially chalked it off as a language they had missed due to either static drowning out the distant recordings or otherwise it being on a program that changes daily.[6] Both he and his assistant join Diamond Dogs as staff members after their rescue.

Behind the scenes

The American Technician is a key character in Mission 24: Close Contact, as one of the two primary rescue targets. He proceeded to escape and attempted to go down the path, requiring the player to try and get him before he runs into an enemy patrol. His name and rank upon being recruited is Crying Harrier.


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