Ambush Alley

Ambush Alley was a map in Metal Gear Online. It was the corner of a war-torn town town littered with obstacles, and its central intersection branching off into side streets. Most of the buildings were also reduced to rubble, with the exception of two buildings in the southwest and two building in the northeast, which had a two story building each with a connecting bridge between them for each area. There were also multiple oil drums on the map, which could be used as traps by luring an enemy soldier close to the barrels before detonating them either by shooting the barrels or blowing them up remotely, although they would remain on fire after detonation thus making them a hazard to allies as well as enemies. There was also a safespot at the southern portion of the map where wall to the left, right, and behind the player defend the player from firepower, and the front was also defended by sandbags and a van, as well as a pile of tires to either evade gunshots when driven back into a corner or if attacked by a sniper from upper levels.

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