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Amanda Valenciano Libre was a member and commandante of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and was the older sister of Chico. She and her Sandinistas fought against the CIA Peace Sentinel alongside Naked Snake and the Militaires Sans Frontières in Costa Rica during the Peace Walker Incident in 1974.


Early life

During the Nicaraguan Revolution, Amanda and most of her father's FSLN troops were ousted from their country by President Somoza's National Guard, and they fled into Costa Rica by crossing the Rio San Juan. The KGB later aided the group by supplying them with a drug refining plant for them to obtain the money they needed for food, "compas" (troops), and weapons. Though feeling ashamed, she was willing to dirty her hands in drug trafficking in order to help rebuild Nicaragua, and did not want Chico to know, feeling that he was too young to understand.

Some time later, Peace Sentinel seized the FSLN's drug refining plant, as well as making them consider giving up on their revolution as they had nowhere left to regroup. Amanda's father, a "cacique" (village chief) and comandante of the FSLN group, was killed and Amanda and Chico were forced to escape. However, despite going into hiding from Peace Sentinel, she suspected that they were present within Costa Rica for reasons besides hunting down the FSLN, as they possessed far too many advanced equipment and bases to simply root them out. Because of her father's death, she was made the new comandante of the FSLN group, although she was unsure of her ability to lead her troops, namely because she worried about Chico too much, and the fact that the rest of her unit called her by first name basis rather than "Comandante."

Peace Walker Incident

Main article: Peace Walker Incident

A photo of Amanda with Chico and their father.

In 1974, Big Boss (Naked Snake) encountered Amanda at the FSLN boathouse in Costa Rica, after dispatching the Peace Sentinel troops in the area. At some point, she ended up having a fight with Chico, causing him to go away. Unfortunately, her and Snake's meeting was interrupted by the arrival of the Chrysalis AI weapon and its "Kidnapper" drones. The Kidnappers captured Chico, so Amanda and her unit decided to pursue Chrysalis to rescue him. In a rematch near the banana factory, the drones nearly captured her, but she cut herself loose. Unfortunately, she took a wrong step in landing and broke her leg as a result, causing her to be captured the second time around. Snake reluctantly shot down the second Kidnapper with an LAW, knowing that she would most likely be killed by the resulting fall.

Luckily, Amanda managed to survive, although just barely, and was critically injured. After explaining that she and Chico fought again, as well as explaining her past while Snake was rolling up a cigarette for Amanda, she asked if he's going after the cargo. Snake stated that he was, as they are most likely carrying nukes. Amanda then realized what this meant, and stated that they should go to Mount Irazu, as that was apparently where Peace Sentinel were holding Chico as well as most of her "compas." She explained that whenever she and Chico argue, he would wander off, which was also why he knew more than anyone else about the bases in Costa Rica, and realized that Peace Sentinel must have discovered him while "wandering" prior to Chrysalis capturing him.


Big Boss agreed to help, asking only for his possible location even if it was a little out of his way. Amanda explained that he was most likely being held prisoner at a prison up in the mountains. She also told Snake that if he was unable to save Chico before they torture him, he should ease his pain and end his humiliation, and keep his honor. Snake explained that he can't keep his promise, as there was always another reason to keep on living, citing his unit and how they left their countries behind and survived as an example. Snake then offered her to join the Militaires Sans Frontières, at least until she has healed up. She then, after being formally introduced by him, wondered as she passed out if he was "the great cacique who has come to lead the patria libre o morir (free country or die)." Kazuhira Miller then took her back to the Mother Base at Snake's request to receive medical attention. She also remarked that she hoped that she never had to use a helicopter ever again.

Amanda supplied intel to Snake about mercenary units, their military hardware, their bases in Costa Rica, and el Frente.[1] She also supplied intel on the prison facility that Chico was held prisoner: it was a former village that Peace Sentinel took over. Namely, that they installed new doors for security measures (they are colored blue and had eye-slots). She also later told Snake that she's willing to take Hell for participating in the FSLN revolution if the only alternative is to give up on Nicaragua. Later, she wanted to leave Sick Bay, as she felt she was needed on the battlefield. Miller was reluctant to let her out of sickbay, feeling that her injuries would only result in her getting killed. However, he relented after Big Boss pointed out that her presence on Mother Base would actually benefit the MSF in the long run, as well as boost the morale of the FSLN soldiers already at the base.[2] Under Amanda's own suggestion, she was then assigned to Mother Base's Combat Unit as a means to boost the morale of the FSLN soldiers, both to repay Snake for saving her from Chrysalis, and because she didn't wish to sit back while her troops are risking their lives, even with her current injuries.[3]

After some time aboard Mother Base, Amanda also got used to it, viewing it as heaven compared to hiding in the jungle from both the Nicaraguan National Guard and Peace Sentinel. In addition, she also briefly interacted with several MSF members who had formerly worked with Peace Sentinel, and saw them as not any different than herself and the other FSLN members. In addition, she also decided not to continue with the drug trade that her father worked under as part of the KGB backing their revolution, nor allow the KGB to back their revolution any longer.

After it was revealed that the Mother Base was going to be the ground zero target for Peace Walker's retaliation strike, Amanda got into contact with acquaintances of her FSLN unit: the Guerra Prolaga Propagada faction, to find out the direction Peace Walker moved to, as well as hiring a ferryman to help Snake cross the Rio San Juan. Shortly afterwards, Amanda and Chico left the base to continue their battle. She and her group then arrived at Nicaragua and, in an almost ironic twist of fate, turned against the KGB (their former supporters which included Vladimir Zadornov) and saved Big Boss and at last earning the title of Comandante from her troops.

Amanda also briefly worked in Mother Base's mess hall to cook some Gallo Pinto, along with Paz Ortega Andrade and Cécile Cosima Caminades. When Paz was revealed to be a spy for Cipher, and she hijacked ZEKE with the intention of launching a nuclear strike against the East Coast of the USA if Big Boss refused to rejoin Cipher, Amanda was shocked and angry, as she liked her.[4] Although she nonetheless admitted that Paz seemed suspicious when she met her, her being a spy never crossed her mind.[5]

Ground Zeroes Incident

Main article: Ground Zeroes Incident

By February 1975 Amanda was stationed at Havana, Cuba. She was initially intended to return to Mother Base after her assignment, although she was later forced to stay a bit longer due to Mother Base being forced to hold a UN-backed inspection (which was strongly suspected to have been dispatched by Cipher), as well as having her FSLN troops come to her due to their presence at Mother Base drawing unwanted attention for the upcoming inspection.[6] She eventually relayed to them information about Paz's survival, which corroborated with leaked Cipher reports about Paz being detained as a compromised double agent, as well as her location. She was also supposed to reconvene with Chico in Havana,[7] although he didn't come off of the supply ship he was supposed to be on. Miller initially thought he may have gotten lost exploring Havana and told her as much, but then realized when conversing with Big Boss that Chico actually snuck off the ship while it was refueling at Santiago de Cuba, meaning he was heading for the prison camp.[8]

A few days later, Amanda learned from MSF that her brother, Chico, was likely held prisoner at the naval facility at the southern tip of Cuba, also showing her Chico's SOS transmission. She told Miller that she'd know if he was lying to him, as Chico was her brother, and with that said, she was "ready for the worst." Her tone disturbed Miller due to it being oddly elated, with Miller relaying this to Big Boss as the latter was nearing Chico's cell.[9]

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may follow.

Amanda would eventually learn of Chico's death. Nonetheless, she continued with her activities in the FSLN, eventually managing to make things more peaceful in the country after removing Somoza. Because of this, she was also considered to be a hero in Latin America. As a result, she was also allowed to aid Strangelove in recovering various components of Peace Walker, including the Mammal Pod, from Lake Nicaragua.

Post-Ground Zeroes

In 1984, she would say that she wished Chico could see what Nicaragua had become. In addition, Amanda's influence in Latin America meant that Diamond Dogs didn't need to go back to Latin America, although Miller preferred having the PMC based there.

Spoilers end here.

Personality and traits

Amanda Valenciano Libre in 1974.

Amanda was a cigarette smoker, mostly as a result of a fear of mosquitos, once surviving a potentially bad case of malaria after being bitten by one.

A mission briefing relating to the San Juan River implied that Amanda held religious beliefs, as she told Snake that San Juan (the Spanish name for John the Baptist, the man who baptized Jesus Christ) would protect him always.[10] On a related note, when Big Boss (at that time posing as a Colombian photographer) inquired about the group being a security force, Amanda replied sarcastically that "[Amanda] [was] Papá Noel", which is the Central American name for Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus.

Amanda and Chico called their father "mi viejo" which is Spanish for "my old man." Amanda's battle cry was "¡venceremos!" which translates to "we'll win!".

Although she and the rest of the Sandinistas were formerly allied with the KGB for their revolution, she had no familiarity with the Soviet region of Tselinoyarsk, as evidenced by her confused remark to Snake's reference to Krasnogorje during a briefing on Fuerte la Ladera.[11]

Amanda worried for her little brother, naturally, though she was furious when he got himself captured in Cuba and seemed to be "cheerful" at the thought of him being killed though in reality she didn't mean it and mourned his death. Though she expressed desire to be seen as Comandante, she thought she never could due to her worrying. She thought that she could never surpass her father. Nonetheless, she was more than capable of handling a weapon and was very tough physically, surviving two falls from great heights.

She was a friend to Big Boss, trusting him and called him a hero. She even referred to him as "the greatest comandante [she has] ever known"[12] and spoke very openly in every conversation with him. Unlike Snake's other close adult friends during the 1970s, Amanda was light on the teasing, in addition, she was the only one of Snake's female allies who referred to him as "Boss."

Amanda had also been inspired by the efforts of her father, General Sandino and the legendary el Che. Although she did respect her father, she ultimately chose a different path from him, as she eventually admitted to Big Boss.

Behind the scenes

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Amanda artwork in promotional art packet.

The artwork for Amanda featured some sketches depicting her wearing her full FSLN uniform. In addition, concept art featured in Metal Gear Solid: Official Art Works had various different designs, including her possessing a uniform resembling that of a Delta Force officer, as well as an extremely different design of her where she wore a scarf resembling the FSLN logo save for two black diagonal bars, black hair, and a camouflage-uniform, while armed with an assault rifle.

After Big Boss is rescued by Amanda, he refers to her as "Joan of Arc", a French Christian teenage freedom fighter who, despite being instrumental in driving off invaders, was arrested and executed.

During one of the game's interactive cutscenes, in which Amanda is captured by a Kidnapper drone, the player is given the option to save her by firing on the drone. If the player decides to fire at Chrysalis instead, or takes too long to fire, Amanda will look up at the Kidnapper, claiming that she'd rather die than sell out her compas under torture, before shooting at it herself with her pistol. Later, if the player zooms the camera in while Snake is fixing her up a cigarette, an x-ray image of her legs showing the fractures can be seen.

Mother Base staff

"You need a special talent to become cacique. It takes someone great to unite all of las compas."
―Amanda's character quote on Mother Base's staff menu.

Amanda is a unique staff member at Mother Base, available after rescuing her at Bananal Fruta de Oro. She is initially injured from her fall and placed in the Sickbay. Her injuries will not heal past 20% until after Chapter 4 is completed though, and she asks Snake to let her help out as she doesn't want to lay about, despite being in crutches. In addition, if the player takes her out of Sickbay early and is placed in a unit until after Chapter 4, she still will be in an injured state until after she is placed back into Sickbay, where she will be healed shortly thereafter. Her skill (FSLN Commandante) increases the Guerrillas' morale when she is assigned to the Combat Unit. However, she cannot be used in missions.

"The daughter of the comandante of the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) and a guerilla fighter who aims to spark a revolution in Nicaragua. She fled to Costa Rica to escape persecution, but her father was killed by a mysterious armed group, and the task of leading the Frente fell to her."
―Amanda's bio on Mother Base's model viewer, in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Amanda and Bikini Top Uniforms

Female MSF soldier w/ Amanda outfit.

Acheiving an S-rank in Extra Ops [067] "Date with Paz" will unlock the Amanda Uniform for use in missions. If contacted by radio, Amanda implies that she loaned it to the player (who is always a female MSF soldier), and will also state that its flexibility and easiness to move around in is what helped her survive the battlefield. If Chico is contacted, he will sometimes mistake the player for Amanda herself. Her outfit is also worn by a gravure idol on the front cover of Super Magazine, in the English version of Peace Walker.

Obtaining the Bikini Top in Extra Ops [068] "Date with Kaz" (or achieving the S-rank in "Date with Paz") will result in Amanda wearing a bikini in the Model Viewer, which is accessed from the Mother Base Staff menu. Her attire reveals a bandaged right heel, referring to the events of Chapter 1 when she broke her leg.

Versus Battle

Amanda was featured in Versus Battle on the series official website, where she competed for votes against Naomi Hunter.

"STRENGTHS: Fierce Fighter and Friend of Big Boss
WEAKNESSES: LAWs, Cigarettes, and Mosquitos
FEATURED FACT: Amanda came from a fighting family and led units of the FSLN alongside Big Boss & his MSF against the guns of the CIA Peace Sentinels
―Amanda Valenciano Libre bio in Vs. Battle

Metal Gear Solid V

Amanda does not make a physical appearance in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, although she is mentioned in cassette tapes. If the player approaches Camp Omega (Chico's holding area) from the back, Miller will call in to relay a message from Amanda to Big Boss regarding Chico's distress tape. Outside the main game, Amanda's character can be unlocked in Ground Zeroes app for iPhone and Android systems, upon developing Mother Base to level 5.

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, she is mentioned in cassette tapes and can be seen in photos decorating the Mammal Pod in Huey's lab, at the Afghanistan Central Base Camp. She is also mentioned by Paz, after receiving one of the Memento Photos from Venom Snake. A game script indicated that she would have played a slightly larger role, being responsible for hiring Diamond Dogs to go to the Angola-Zaire border region to put Chico (who would have survived the helicopter crash) out of his misery.[13]




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