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Allen Iishiba was a Sergeant in the United States Army's Counter Terrorist Unit Delta Force Bravo Team.

Iishiba was assigned by Roy Campbell to assist Solid Snake during a rescue mission to save Meryl Silverburgh and her crew when they became lost in an undisclosed hostile country. A third generation Japanese-American, Iishiba was known for his talkative behavior and his fascination with firearms. He joined the armed forces in order to prove himself to his childhood girlfriend Helena and was nominated to take the FOXHOUND recruitment test. While Iishiba managed to help Snake rendezvous with Meryl and escape, Iishiba was mortally wounded by enemy gunfire while reaching the extraction site. Before dying, he was officially recognized as a member of FOXHOUND by Colonel Campbell.

Behind the scenes

Allen Iishiba (アレン・イイシバ?) is a character from the Metal Gear Solid audio drama. He was named after U.S. Army Captain Michael Allen and Specialist Tomoaki Iishiba, who both worked on the original Metal Gear Solid as military advisors. Iishiba's character design was modeled after the real Iishiba.

Toshio Furukawa, Iishiba's voice actor, later voiced the young Roy Campbell in the Japanese version of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

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