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Alice Hazel was a young psychic who was involved in the Lobito Island Incident in 2016.


Alice was a gifted young girl from England who possessed mysterious psychic abilites. For several years, Alice used her abilities, namely distance viewing, to assist the FBI and CIA in various operations, as well as locating over 200 missing individuals. One such case was the murder of Harold Barton, in which she helped discover the corpses of the four bodyguards, who were believed to be suspects. Among her other powers were telepathy, astral protection, and clairvoyance.

In actuality, she was one of two survivors of the Ritual of Conjuration merged into one: her physical being was that of No. 16, while her mental state was allegedly No. 104, the latter of whom was stabbed by the former. In addition, she also was the one responsible for killing Harold Barton, using ACUA, a chemical that can heighten her mental control over people, to brainwash his bodyguards into killing him and then dying themselves, as revenge due to Barton being a BEAGLE executive and thus one of the people responsible for the Ritual of Conjuration.

During Solid Snake's infiltration of the Lobito Physics and Chemistry Lab, Alice provided support via Codec regarding information on his surroundings. However, throughout Snake's infiltration it seemed that she herself had some secrets to tell - including the truth about her identity. In reality, Alice was in fact No. 16 - the result of a secretive project headed by Hans Davis and Dr. William L. Flemming. She was capable of using the mind altering drug ACUA to control people's thoughts. It was Alice (No.16) who had implanted the memories of Hans Davis into the mind of Snake, in addition to controlling the hijackers of Flight 326, which had precipitated the entire incident.

After Snake defeated Metal Gear KODOQUE, the memories of all the people under Alice's control came back to her simultaneously, causing a shock which led to her death.

Behind the scenes

In Alice's artwork for Metal Gear Acid, she is seen in the same computer room as that within the Big Shell's Shell 1 Core in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The background also includes a bird cage, belonging to another young female character from England, Emma Emmerich.

An earlier design for Alice had her with red hair, horn rimmed glasses, and a schoolgirl's outfit.



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