An interpreter was a member of the Contract Forces of Africa who spoke both English and Afrikaans.

In 1984, the interpreter was stationed at Kiziba Camp in the Angola-Zaire border region. During the Phantom Pain Incident, he assisted an Afrikaner interrogator as he questioned four British prisoners regarding a betrayal by one of their number. The interpreter was previously made aware of three of the prisoners' locations, but not that of the fourth, "the Viscount".

Behind the scenes

The interpreter is a key character in Mission 14: Lingua Franca of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and identifying him is one of the mission tasks. If the player decides to Fulton extract the interpreter first, he will relay the locations of the various prisoners, with Kazuhira Miller expressing displeasure at Venom Snake for prematurely extracting him, but acknowledges that they can at least get the information out of him. Miller later reports that he cannot get the intel from him since he doesn't know where the Viscount is located, just when the interrogation was to happen. Recruiting him is recommended by Miller and Ocelot and also allows the player to be able to understand Afrikaans.


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