The AK-102 is a carbine variant of the AK-101 rifle, a modernized Kalashnikov design produced by Izhmash for export markets. Chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO, it uses 30-round magazines. It can be fitted with the GP30 grenade launcher. While the AK-102 shares a similar design to the ubiquitous AK-47, the AK-102's modifications include a revised sight system, a new handgrip, and plastic furniture to replace the AK-47's wood furniture, making the gun lighter and easier to handle. The AK-102's short barrel sacrifices long-range accuracy for maneuverability on-par to the AKS-74u.

The AK-102 was used by Middle Eastern militiamen during the time of the war economy. While accompanying a group of the militia soldiers into battle in 2014, Solid Snake was equipped with an AK-102 himself. However, while attempting to fire the weapon, the gun itself jammed, much to Snake's annoyance and he was forced to abandon it. The reason for the jam was later speculated to have been from the local ammo cartridges undergoing abnormal combustion, causing them to undergo excessive pressure and eventually fuse into the gun chamber.[1] Following his escape from several unmanned Gekko units, Snake later found an operable AK. Drebin also had at least one AK-102 inside his Stryker, presumably as a weapon to be sold. One can also be found on the weapon's rack of the Nomad along with a DSR-1, and the Mk. 2 pistol.

Behind the scenes

The AK-102 appears in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, where it is the almost exclusive standard weapon of the militia soldiers in the Middle East, as well as Solid Snake's first in-game firearm (acquired through varying methods in-game). However, even with the GP30 -- its only attachment -- it is inferior to the M4 Custom in terms of flexibility, due to its customizable nature.

Available for 1000 DP in Metal Gear Online, the AK-102 has very high recoil when used with no Assault Rifle+ skill level equipped. Without the Assault Rifle+ skill, the AK-102 should only be used in short-bursts or at close range. The AK-102 can be customized with a GP-30 grenade launcher for 10,000 DP, on top of the original 1000. This gun has relatively high damage capabilities, though still not on the same league as the 20-round battle rifles.

Dummied code in the PC version for Ground Zeroes indicated that the AK-102 was planned to be in the game.

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    The speculation is made by Otacon during an optional Codec conversation.
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