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This is me after realisng i did not save until after beating the fear when trying to do "the end dies of old age" easter egg
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Emma Emmerich's parrot

Hi! I'm quite new to metal gear and my friend got me into it and he showed me Emma Emmerich's parrot and right away I thought hey that's a stylized female alexandrine parrot in the photo based off of the colour, the eyes, the prominence of the beak (which differentiates it from an indian ringneck).

But I'm not too good at adding trivia sections and formatting. I read it says it is a budgie in the novel but based on the images from the game that's definitely not a budgie as they are very small, have a prominent cere, the green ones have yellow as well and stripes and cheek markings.

Thank you if anyone knows how to add this information and I wish you a lovely day. For reference here is a picture of a female alexandrine parrot.

Post image
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Metal Gear Rex bugged?

So I recently decided to play through Metal Gear Solid 1 and I got all the way up to rex and. the fight is impossible as far as I can tell. Since chaf grenades don't seem to stop him shooting at me like they are supposed to I can barely get past the first stage without loosing all my health and rations and by the time I get to phase 2 I'm completely out of healing items and stuns also don't stop lquid from shooting me dead and just blind me.

Are the grenades just another urban myth?

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Whats your favorite MGS character

Mines revolver ocelot / aka shasalaska
" An ocelot NEVER lets his prey escape "
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• 1/9/2019

Metal Gear Rising 2

There will be Metal Gear Rising 2,anyone? Because i love the mgr especially Raiden(my fav char) the main protagonist. Thanks in advance
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• 1/8/2019

Kazuhira Miller

Who else loves this dude to the moon and back?
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• 1/1/2019

Hi guys

Hello, I'm quite new here.
I hope I have a great time here.
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• 1/1/2019


So if Solid Snake killed Big Boss in the MG2 (NES) how does he reappear in Metal Gear Solid 4,because I don't understand,and how is Eva Solid Snake's mother even though he's a clone?
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• 12/31/2018


I was at the end of the Hard Big Boss run on MGS4,Solid vs Liquid,I got hit many times that i was at 0 health,i defeated Liquid at 0 health it was epic.
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• 12/21/2018

Any news on the upcoming movie?

Has there been any update on the progress of the mgs movie?
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• 12/20/2018

Colonel Volgin’s powers

Where do Colonel Volgin’s electricity powers come from?
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• 12/19/2018

A little Theory I had

Okay so, The End from mgs3 and Quiet both have camo on there skin as well as using photosynthesis. Could they be related? Also. Sniper Wolf said that Big Boss saved her from the battlefield, could Quiet be a younger Sniper Wolf?
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• 12/17/2018

Remember snake

This is him now feel old yet
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• 12/16/2018

Big Boss Alignment and Class

In terms of RPG alignments (lawful good, neutral, chaotic, etc.) and class, (fighter, rogue, etc.) what’s Big Boss?
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• 12/15/2018

(REPOST) Does anyone STILL play MGS Peace Walker

please i'm bored someone 1v1 me or play in co ops im really bored (o~0)
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• 12/12/2018

You know theres a way to speed up the TIME PARADOX message right?


you get a fake death pill in mgs3 and consume it when you "die" press exit it will speed up the procces
but it will display for a short time (time est probably like 2 and half seconds)
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• 12/10/2018

I think i maybe did it

So MGS timeline here we go

Lset in 1964
L snake kills the cobra unit along with the boss after he is given the title Big Boss (NOTE THIS IS IMPORTANT snake meets ocelot)
MGS Peace Walker
L set in 1974
L Ten years after the events of virtious mission
Big Boss heads out to contact the sandinista comandante but little did he know the man DIED he then befriends amanda and later chico along with huey to stop peace walker a nuclear deterant from launching the nukes
MGSV Ground Zeros
L 1975
L the destruction of mother base happens and paz has explosives inside her body and jumps off the heli and DIES (shes explosive in the box )
Venom snake finds quiet thats all i know
L also note big baus and EVA clone to make liquid and snake
Metal gear (1995)
Metal Gear 2 solid snake (1999)
Metal gear solid 1 (2005)
L snake fights liquid and befriends an enemie GRAY FOX spoilers he DIES
Metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty (2007-09)
L lets get this strait (inhales) Big Shell", a massive offshore clean-up facility that has been seized by a group of terrorists who call themselves the "Sons of Liberty". They demand a massive ransom in exchange for the life of the President of the United States and threaten to destroy the facility and create a cataclysmic environmental disaster if their demands are not met. The motives and identities of many of the antagonists and allies change throughout the course of the game, as the protagonists discover a world-shaking conspiracy constructed by a powerful organization known as the Patriots,thanks wikipedia i forgot also snake fake died HA TAKE THAT LIQUID
L set in 2014
|old snake tries to stop liquid AGAIN
L Metal Gear Rising REVENGEANCE
L set in 2018 oh thats now yay,anyway
Raiden sets off to take down world marshall and desperado
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• 12/10/2018

When strangelove totures you
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Expanded Soundtrack - 26 - Cloud Forest (Alert Mode)
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Expanded Soundtrack - 26 - Cloud Forest (Alert Mode) YouTube
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• 12/9/2018
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Awesome
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Awesome YouTube
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• 12/9/2018


Is it me or does ocelots ocelot call sound satisfying
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